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After 745 Launches:

We Discovered The Single Fastest Way

For A New Online Business Owner

To Launch + Get Paid…

No Tech Skills Or Audience Needed!

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Spend more than 5 minutes in a business FB group,

and you know there are at least a million different ways people are building their business online.

With every method, there is the promise of leaving the 9-5 to obtain financial and lifestyle freedom.

So, what’s wrong with lots of ideas?

Problem is, there are so many gaps in the advice!

People assume you already have an audience (when you don’t), they assume you have 40 hours a week (you definitely do not), or it requires complicated tech that leaves critical steps out, making you think you’re the dumbest person in the room.

But there’s a bigger issue that we’ve uncovered, and it has nothing to do with any of the above ideas as being bad or not effective (truth bomb - they all do work). No, the problem is deeper than that, and most people miss it.

Stay with us for a second...

Imagine you’re at the bottom of a hill. You’re on a bike.

You are staring at a large hill ahead of you.

Stationary at the bottom, you begin pedaling.

That’s gonna be one hell of a ride up. Butt muscles burning TO THE MAX.

Now… imagine you’re at the top of a hill. You look down and see that there’s a bit of a valley and another hill.

You know if you really go hard down the first hill, you’ll cruise right through the valley and make it at least halfway up the next hill before you even need to pedal hard.

why? Momentum.




because the more of it you have, the more likely you are going to continue to move and take action…even in the face of resistance.

And there is a LOT of resistance in business.




Mismanaged Expectations


Is this a beginner -only problem?

NO ONE is exempt from it.

That means if you’re signing up to build an online business, you’re signing up for one or more of these headaches… with 100% certainty.

You need a SOLID jolt of momentum to keep you moving so you don’t freeze and walk away from this dream.

If you’ve purchased things in the past and been disappointed (or blamed yourself), we near guarantee the issue was probably the product was not built with momentum in mind.

What does that look like?

What does momentum look like in your online business journey?

It means:

1. Taking action quickly (and with confidence)

2. Getting feedback right away from real potential buyers and customers

3. Building something that you get out the door and completed within 30 days or less

4. Using shortcuts to compress the learning curve of copy, design, and tech

We’ve worked with thousands of students in every niche and market imaginable and have concluded that the easiest way to get momentum in business is through…

...A simple paid workshop.

Is it really simple?

- No Big Course To Build

- Start With An Audience Of Zero

- Simple Tech (When You Have A System)

- Leverage The Feedback For Future Offers

- Keep Running Them As Long As You Need!


It’s one of the simplest low pressure sales funnels to build

It’s a great way to test an idea that might become a course later

Perfect for course creators who are itching to try out new material

Perfect for high ticket coaches or providers who want an introductory session

Quick + easy to launch (especially with our help)

You don’t need a huge list to still get butts in seats for your workshop

Workshops help build brand equity and make it easier to sell more later

Virtual workshops are normal now (thanks Pandemic)

Maybe you don’t have a low ticket offer in your customer journey yet


Not in a biz niche? That’s OK!

We’ve seen workshops on every topic imaginable….

- How to make perfume

- How to increase your s3x drive

- How to photograph your products

- How to pose for photos

- How to figure out your Enneagram type

- How to speed up a webpage

- How to build a Mailchimp newsletter


They work for every niche and market, yes including yours!

So, what’s the catch?

There are a few mistakes you want to avoid to get the most momentum out of your paid workshop, ensure you get sales, and are able to use it long term.


You pick a bad topic.


You get no one to buy or show up, or they leave halfway and don’t buy from you again.


You want to make sure you pick an interesting and enticing workshop title + content that grabs the attention of people who have no idea who you are yet, and makes them want to keep learning from you.


You don’t know how to sell the idea well.


Even if the content is amazing, no one buys because your copy and design didn’t spark enough interest.


You want to have a killer sales page with follow up emails that grab people to abandon checkout, or if they do buy, make sure they actually show up!


You try to duct tape different tools together to make it work.


You end up in tech hell and wonder why you signed up for this.


You want an easy (affordable) system that collects registration information, sends reminders via text and email, takes payment, and is easily adjustable when you want to run your workshop the next time.

Tell Me How!

To avoid the mistakes, to gain momentum in your business, AND TO

Take Action In The Next 30 Days With A Killer

Paid Workshop That Attracts New Customers


(pronounced... easssssyyy launchhhh it!)

The ONLY nearly-done-for-you system for creating, launching, and finishing your paid workshop for your business in the next 30 days.



(except Zoom - we couldn’t give you Zoom)


1. The training on HOW to pick a topic

2. The slide deck template (and training) for the workshop itself

3. The software to run the campaign (yes the software is included!)

4. The design + copy for the paid workshop funnel

5. The advice for running ads and social promotion

6. The graphics for marketing your paid workshop

7. The step by step tutorials for customizing everything (no building necessary, 
we already built it)

The only two things you need to bring?

Your expertise and a Zoom account.

No advanced tech skills necessary

No audience needed (you can run ads and we'll show you how)

No formal training in teaching (we've got you covered there too)

We’ve left NOTHING to chance because we understand just how important momentum is.

Easy Launch It is us giving you the bike and nice downward hill so you can gather speed and momentum and make it up the next hill your business brings you.

What will we accomplish together?

By the end of Easy Launch It...

You’ll not only have paying customers, a great workshop asset to use in your business, and the tech setup complete, but you’ll also…

Know how to build a funnel

Know how to customize an automation

Know how to run ads

Know how to write copy that increases the likelihood of sales

How does it work week by week?

The curriculum is divided up into four weekly training sessions:

(go as fast or as slow as you need).

Week 1 Your Workshop Offer

We’ll help you dial in a juicy no brainer workshop idea at just the right price.

Week 2 Your Workshop Funnel

Then we’ll give you a funnel + workflows all pre-built and ready to go for your workshop.

Week 3 Your Workshop Launch

We’ll help you sell it to your audience on social, or build an audience with ads.

Week 4 Your Workshop Experience

And finally, we’ll help you with the logistics and content of delivering a great workshop experience.


Plus, you’ll get the physical assets needed to pull it all off:

BONUS A 30 day free trial of FG Funnels® (value $129)

BONUS A fully built paid workshop funnel (value $2000)

BONUS A webinar slide deck for your plug and play workshop (value $75)

BONUS The ad graphics you need for promotion (value $75)

BONUS The Ad Gorgeous Full Course (value $97)

Over $2376 in just bonuses alone!

Total Value $3398

Regular Price $997

Get the Easy Launch It System, Training, + Bonuses

for a limited time for - just $300 -

I have some more important questions to ask:

What do I need to have prepared beforehand?

Technically, nothing. The entire program is designed to support you every step of the way from start to finish.

BUT, your results do depend on a couple of factors: your decisiveness and how much effort you’ve put into your offer. (Among other things, but these are the big ones.)

We’ve given you EVERYTHING you need to have success!

What if I don’t have a compelling offer yet? Will this program help me?

No compelling offer? No problem! 

You’re starting in the right place because in the first phase, we’ll unpack every single component that is crucial to nail an irresistible offer. (And make it so compelling your customers can’t help but buy!) We’ll show you exactly how you can dig into your zone of genius and extract a diamond of an offer.

What other expenses will I incur besides the cost of the EASY LAUNCH IT program?

You'll need some tools. A sales page builder (FG Funnels®). You'll need an SMTP (Mailgun). You can spend some money on ads (this is variable and dependent on how fast you want to grow - we do have people that don't use ANY ads, but they are happy to do a VERY small launch).

What about the risk?

Our Easy Does It Guarantee

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! We believe by enrolling in Easy Launch It© you will easily complete the best
paid workshop you’ve ever built.

If for any reason you cannot get your ideas organized and into a workshop that students are delighted to
buy and use, we will happily give you a full refund within 14 days.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! We believe by enrolling in Easy Launch It© you will easily complete the best paid workshop you’ve ever built.

If for any reason you cannot get your ideas organized and into a workshop that students are delighted to buy and use, we will happily give you a full refund within 14 days.

Simply send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you your money back!

it's time to

Get the Easy Launch It System, Training, + Bonuses

for a limited time for - just $300 -

Closing thoughts from J+C

We know that the average online business owner takes about 18-24 months to build enough

momentum in their business to make a six figure salary and live off their business.

We also know that you can compress time with an increase in momentum through speed, audience, and getting things out the door quickly.

You don’t have to give up your dream of a membership, course, coaching, any of that in order to do a paid workshop. This actually makes it more likely you will get there faster!

It’s the perfect container to learn the tech you need, get an audience of buyers fast, and test your material for long term offers.

Easy Launch It will take you by the hand all the way.


Xx Julie + Cathy